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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 


I would beat the living snot out of this person, if only I knew who they were. I can't believe somebody would spray paint on the side of such a wonderful natural treasure. Jackasses!!! Posted by Picasa

Jackasses indeed. I don't mind some good graffitti, but please - put it on something that needs some enhancing, like a bare brick wall or the side of a train car. Honestly. Some people.

My thoughts exactly, a building fine, its manmade anywho and probably looks like crap already. But this with the painting on some granite out in the middle of a national forest... BAH!!!

Have no fear. That granite will still be here when we are all gone. And that paint will be gone too, but that granite will not pass.

Man has been "marking up" our stones, mountains, rocks, caves....you name it, for thousands of years.

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