Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Coretta Scot King...

Rights leader Coretta Scott King dies "A very sad hour." - Rep John Lewis. A sad hour indeed.

Monday, January 30, 2006 


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Late night halo2...

Great for trying to make yourself sleep.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Conference in Sacramento...

Boring waste of time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 


Found some old pictures of my trip to Japan while cleaning up my harddrive. I was there during the summer of 2001 (I think). I urge anyone who has the chance to take a trip there, it is a spectacular country.

I would definatly recommend going to Tokyo (of course!) and taking a train to Kyoto for a few days, you'll find the best temples there.

The photo to the left (taken by me) is of Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) which is actually covered in real gold leaf.

Another temple of note is Sanjusangendo. Inside the temple are 1001 hand-carved statues of Kannon, a spectacular sight for sure!

And definatly make sure to hit up Enryakuji on Hieizan. A beautiful temple located on a heavily forested mountain.

You should also be sure to visit Shibuya while in Tokyo, it is an amazing center of, well everything! Great bars, shopping, karaoke, and extremely easy to get to from just about anywhere in Tokyo via the most excellent transit system the world has ever seen!

I took this photo while leaving the subway station that I took from Kanagawa where I was staying. Notice the insane amount of people on the crosswalk, its fun to stop and talk to random people in the city. Most of the people I talked to had a pretty good grasp of english. Well I'm done typing, need more coffee.



Coffee and wine. Two of lifes greatest pleasures!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Phantom Falls!!!

Went hiking to Phantom Falls today (this time I actually made it all the way). I originally had planned to go find a geocache, but the highway leading to the cache was closed (we have had a lot of flooding in the area recently). So instead of wasting a day, I took a hike! Sorry for the poor lighting, it was a very bright sunny day and horrible for taking pictures of landscapes.

These are the falls that I originally thought were Phantom Falls, but they aren't, just a small water fall near the Phantom Falls trailhead. Posted by Picasa


A salamander I found not far from the trailhead. Posted by Picasa


A makeshift baseball diamond I stumbled upon on my way to the falls. Posted by Picasa


Shot from directly above the falls. Posted by Picasa


Took this shot by holding the end of my tripod out over the edge (those rocks are slippery!). Posted by Picasa


Phantom Falls! Posted by Picasa


Me at my vantage of the falls. Posted by Picasa


Phantom Falls, sorry for the poor lighting, when I get my new camera I'll take it out on a nice overcast day, that way the lighting will be MUCH softer. Posted by Picasa


The falls again. Posted by Picasa


Last shot of the hike. Posted by Picasa

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