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Thursday, December 29, 2005 


Got to go on another hike today (been a while), just went up to check on my cache. There were a few spots of snow, not quite cold enough yet for a lot of it. Jan/Feb should provide more fruitfull for some snowy fun.

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Okay, now just yesterday I took a picture of my shoes in pretty much the same position as this, though I was just in my little Enchanted Forest and not on a mountaintop, but still. And I stumbled quite by accident upon a geocache! How cool is that?

-blues- Right on, great minds think alike eh? :D That's awesome that you found a geocache, did you log a find at geocaching.com?

Happy New Year!

I haven't yet, but now that the holidays are almost over and things are starting to calm down at our house I'll have to do that and find out more about this whole thing. Found another one today on a walk in the woods. And goodness knows I know all kinds of wonderful places to hide things, I've been hiding little strange crafty things in the woods for some time now. I just never know who finds them, and that would be kind of interesting to know. But do I have to have a GPS thingy to do it?

yeah,you'd need a gps, but they are cheap these days. you can find good deals on them at ebay, like the Garmin Etrex unit that is pretty popular. I use an Old unit that I bought on ebay for about $35.

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